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From Jewish Voice for Peace:

As you know, just 2 weeks ago we launched, our new blog charting efforts to stifle open debate about US-Israeli foreign policy.

In its first week, it received thousands of visitors from around the world; was featured by the editors at Buzzfeed, one of the web's top blog aggregators; and was mentioned in 2 different media stories. More importantly, we broke our first story about Joel Beinin's talk getting cancelled at the Harker School, which was subsequently picked up by the San Jose Mercury News, directly from our blog. In addition to emails from many readers, we've heard from reporters who read the blog and have requested tips in the future.

And that was all before doing an official press launch.

This was exactly why we created Muzzlewatch, to make groups accountable for silencing open debate.

Go to Muzzlewatch now to get information about:

* The furor over the American Jewish Committee's recent attack on liberal Jews, including JVP advisory board members Adrienne Rich and Tony Kushner
* The Bay Area Anti-Defamation League's unsuccessful efforts to paint their anti-Semitism conference as representative of the progressive Jewish community
* The secret Israeli foreign ministry memo calling for a crackdown on refusenik groups and the US Jewish peace groups that support them
* Video of poet Adrienne Rich on Jewish dissent and JVP getting barred from the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
* Law professor George Bisharat's Houston Chronicle op-ed on silencing

We've just added an email subscription button so you can get the blog stories delivered to you fresh daily.

And don't forget to spread the word. Send a link to your local reporters and columnists, or send the link out to your email lists and friends.
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