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TAKE ACTION: House Passes S. 2370 by Voice Vote! Tell President to Veto!

TAKE ACTION: House Passes S. 2370 by Voice Vote! Tell President to Veto!

Earlier this year, HR 4681, the "Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006" passed the House overwhelmingly. A milder version, S. 2370 passed the Senate as well. Because the two bills were different, they did not become law. Today, however, the House passed the Senate version of the bill by voice vote.

Only the President's signature remains. Click here to urge the President not to sign this bill into law. Also, you can magnify the impact of this message by calling the White House or faxing directly at the following numbers:

Phone 202-456-1111
Fax 202-456-2461

S 2370 would severely restrict all funds to the Palestinian people, making humanitarian aid more difficult and would also severely limit diplomatic contacts with the duly elected Palestinian government. Since the US has not given direct aid to the Palestinian Authority in years, this bill will only stop funds that would not get into the hands of a Hamas-led PA anyway. It would also severely impact funding for UN programs designed to help the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian people have faced enormous hardships, even by their standards, in 2006. This bill will only make it worse.

Click here to tell your friends how to take action on this issue.

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